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What is BayAreaBTV? 2017-10-22T23:01:06+00:00

BayAreaBTV brings local Bay Area TV stations to your smartphone, laptop, or connected TV—simply launch and you’re live!

The BayAreaBTV app makes it easy to change channels with a flick of your finger. It has a channel guide with two weeks of program information, and has built-in tools for “casting” video to your big-screen TV using Chromecast or Apple TV.

You can watch BayAreabTV anywhere you go in the Bay Area, not just inside your home.

BayAreaBTV features more than 30 local channels, including many entertainment networks and local programming in English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean.

BayAreaBTV also offers a DVR with 300 hours of storage as a premium option.

The major network stations like ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC are not yet available but will be part of a future premium version.

BayAreaBTV Features 2017-08-11T16:22:14+00:00

BayAreaBTV brings the local television experience to the devices you love to watch!

  • Guide: Browse with a simple swipe of your finger. Swipe right or left, up or down — our fast, responsive guide lets you see what’s available now and even up to two weeks into the future.
  • Channel Surfing: Swipe the video to easily flip between local broadcast channels
  • Recordings: Subscribe to this premium feature and you can record your favorite shows to your cloud DVR, then play them back on your own schedule. The DVR holds 300 hours of programming!
  • Chromecast or AirPlay: “Cast” your favorite shows from your mobile device to the big screen.
  • Customized Channel List: Save time and effort by choosing to see only the channels you’re interested in watching
  • Closed Captions
  • Pause, rewind, fast-forward
Why should I get BayAreaBTV? 2017-08-11T16:22:30+00:00

As people watch more video from nationwide streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, they are missing out on local TV programming, including local news. We want to make it as easy as possible for people in the Bay Area to get local stations so they can stay connected to the community, stay on top of important local issues and take advantage of everything living in the Bay Area has to offer!

How is BayAreaBTV different from cable or satellite? 2017-08-11T16:22:45+00:00

BayAreaBTV streams local broadcast stations only, so it features channels you can only get in your area – local programming, comedy, movies, family-friendly channels, and classic TV shows. The free version has limited channels, but when we release our paid premium version you’ll get more than 50 Bay Area stations including the major network stations.

What channels will I be able to watch? 2017-10-22T23:01:38+00:00

BayAreaBTV features more than 30 local channels, including many entertainment networks, programming in Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean.

The major network stations are not yet available but will be part of a future premium programming offering.

Will the channels I get depend on where I live? 2017-08-11T16:23:14+00:00

As long as you live within the Bay Area TV market, which includes most of 11 counties, you will receive all channels currently available on BayAreaBTV. From Mendocino and Lake counties in the north to Santa Clara county in the south and Alameda county to the east, there are no problems with antenna reception or interference from tall buildings or mountains.

Can I watch TV outside of the Bay Area? 2017-08-11T16:23:52+00:00

BayAreaBTV is only available to people who live in the 11-county Bay Area region, and you can only watch live TV while you are in the area. We do this for our broadcast partners who are not allowed to distribute programming outside the borders of the viewing area.

How does the DVR work? 2018-04-10T01:40:36+00:00

With the premium cloud DVR, you can record up to 300 hours of programming and watch them on your schedule.

Simply use the Record button available in the Live or Guide tabs and your show will be recorded. Even if you record a program already in progress, your recording will start at the beginning!

You can see what programs are going to be recorded by checking out the Recordings Schedule in Settings.

When they are done, your recordings are available to watch in the Recordings tab. There you can sort by title or record date, and watch or delete programs.

Note that there is a progress bar showing how much of a recording has been viewed.

Shows will be automatically deleted after 28 days, but you can prevent from being deleted by putting them in the Library. Programs in the Library are not automatically deleted.

Learn more about the DVR here.

How much does the DVR cost? 2018-04-10T01:41:41+00:00

The cloud DVR with 300 hours of storage is free for BayAreaBTV viewers through at least the end of 2018.

Will BayAreaBTV use a lot of my phone’s battery? 2017-08-11T16:26:18+00:00

Video apps tend to use more battery than texting or email. If you’re going to watch a lot of TV on the go, we recommend carrying a portable charger with your mobile phone.

Does BayAreaBTV use a lot of my data plan? 2017-08-11T16:27:01+00:00

BayAreaBTV will use your mobile data if you do not have a WiFi connection. We recommend you log on to a WiFi connection to conserve your data, and you’ll get the highest-quality pictures that way too. Depending on the kind of phone you have, you may be able to disable data for BayAreaBTV in the phone’s Settings menu.

The app says I can’t watch because of my location. Why is that? 2017-10-03T21:22:45+00:00

BayAreaBTV is only available to viewers within the Bay Area TV market, which includes Mendocino, Lake, Sonoma, Napa, Marin, western Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Clara counties and San Francisco. If you are in this area and are getting this message in error, please let us know by sending a note here and including your zip code.

I’m having problems with video quality 2017-10-03T21:22:09+00:00

Most video problems are caused by low or inconsistent bandwidth from WiFi or your mobile provider’s data connection. If you are experiencing freezing or poor-quality video, try moving to an area with better mobile or WiFi coverage. If that doesn’t fix the problem, send us a note here.